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  1. Simple sums

    My say on the Autumn Statement

    So, the government are inviting the public to “have their say” on what should be included in the 2016 Autumn Statement. My submission, for what…

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  2. Microsoft buys LinkedIn

    So Microsoft have gone and made an all-cash, $26.2 billion offer for LinkedIn and I can certainly see the logic. After acquiring Yammer not so…

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  3. OneNote


    Having used Trello, Notability, Google Drive/Docs, Evernote, iOS notes and countless other note taking apps and software products over recent years, I’d say I’m fairly…

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  4. Whale tail

    Whale slaughter continues

    While I’m no eco-warrior, I continue to be dismayed about the Japanese whaling fleet. In the news this week was the story that the fleet…

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  5. Entertainment links

    UK TV Channels BBC ITV Channel 4 Channel 5 UKTV UK TV platforms TV Catchup TV Player (watch all UK freeview channels + subscription option available)…

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  6. Chester Races

    Chester races fixtures 2016

    Here are the Chester Races fixtures for 2016 Wednesday 4th May Thursday 5th May Friday 6th May Saturday 28th May Saturday 11th June Friday 24th June Saturday 25th June Friday 8th July Saturday…

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  7. Expat woes with the Lifetime ISA

    So we’ve recently had the budget from George Osborne and amongst other things, he announced the Lifetime ISA. On the surface of it, the Lifetime…

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  8. iphone 6s

    How to save £50 off iPhone 6s

    With the recent announcement and release of the iPhone 6s, there’s the usual rush to buy the latest and greatest device. But there’s an easy…

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  9. Cookie Policy

    This site uses cookies – small text files that are placed on your machine to help the site provide a better user experience. In general,…

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  10. BBC logo

    Change needed for BBC licence fee

    It’s hard to argue with the detractors of the BBC licence fee because of the arbitrary way it has been made mandatory for everyone watching…

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