Job aggregators 2015

I published an original article back in 2010 about the Job Aggregators that were available online, explaining what they were and including links to the main players at the time. You can read that article here, if you want… but time has moved on and many/some of those aggregators have…

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List of online courses, free training and MOOCs

I’ve been impressed with the pace of development of MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses) and have even signed up for and studied some subjects through various platforms. But what I wasn’t aware of until recently, was that there’s a handy MOOC aggregator that’s been developed which looks across all the…

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Personality tests

Personality tests are frequently used in business and university life to help gain a greater understanding of one’s self and of others around you. I’ve had the good fortune to go through a number of the tests myself and it’s often surprising just how accurate they can be. Myers Briggs,…

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Salary calculators

There’s some handy resources available online to help with salary calculations – such as these: Election Salary Comparison tool, available here: or, a general take-home salary calculator, available here: Related Posts:Job aggregators 2015UK Tax CalculatorsRunning calculatorJob Aggregators

The UK Recruitment Industry – info sources & magazines

Working within the UK Recruitment Industry it’s important to stay abreast of developments that are going to affect you. It goes without saying that recruiters need to remain informed of the news that affects them within the sectors that they trade in, so there will be countless sector-specific news sources…

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Job Aggregators

There is an updated version of this article available here. What are job aggregators? They’re online services that trawl through the Internet, locating and indexing jobs from job boards and employers according to the niches or geographies in which they operate. They’ve been around for a while – and almost…

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Marketing, business and web skills

So this web site is now a handy place for me to keep everything that I do online ordered and accessible, as well as test various online technologies and functionality. My skills and experience includes: Marketing – strategic & tactical marketing plans, advertising, etc. Business & organisational health checks Web…

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