Once you find a good author, one that you’re happy with… you like their style and the way they build a good story, then you often want to read more of the same, or find other authors who write in the same genre and at a similar level. But knowing where to find these similar authors isn’t always easy. So, here’s a quick guide to some similar authors to Harlan Coben.

Some other specific books that I’ve read that I thought were like Harlan Coben’s include:

  • Bleedout by Joan Brady – Amazon link HERE
  • Panic by Jeff Abott – Amazon link HERE
  • Relentless by Stephen Kernick – Amazon link HERE
  • Switchback by Matthew Klein – Amazon link HERE
Amazon have helpfully put together something they call “Author Pages” – which “offer customers a new way to browse favourite authors, discover new books, and more. These pages include bibliographies, biographies, author images, and discussion boards – and helpfully they also include links to all of the books by that specific author.” So, some ‘author pages’ links to authors that write similar style books to Harlan Coben are included below:

Please feel free to add your own in the comments box…

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