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Why ISAs are still important

Given the recent announcements from George Osborne in his latest, pre-election budget about the planned changes to ISAs and the tax on savings we all pay (in the UK), there have been articles published and online discussion about whether this signals the beginning of the end for the cash ISA.…

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Money Saving Expert – top tips

I’m a big fan of the Money Saving Expert web site and think Martin Lewis has done some excellent work in promoting consumer rights and delivering valuable information regarding finances, shopping and saving money in every way possible. One of the articles in today’s newsletter caught my eye – about…

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ISA myths

There’s a good article on the Moneywise web site that I was emailed today… all about the myths associated with ISAs. They’ve given a top 10, as: You can only open one ISA They have to be declared on a tax return They are only worth having if you are…

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