Microsoft buys LinkedIn

So Microsoft have gone and made an all-cash, $26.2 billion offer for LinkedIn and I can certainly see the logic. After acquiring Yammer not so long ago, they’ve now neatly secured the enterprise social media market – through owning two of the largest players – and have the opportunity to…

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Whale slaughter continues

While I’m no eco-warrior, I continue to be dismayed about the Japanese whaling fleet. In the news this week was the story that the fleet had killed 333 minke whales. I just can’t understand how a supposedly developed nation can still claim this is a scientific programme. There’s nothing scientific…

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The future of ebook technology

I came across this in-depth article all about the various technologies that are in development for ebook readers and tablets. It’s mostly about the different screen types – whether they’re e-ink, Qualcomm’s mirasol, or liquavista – the article’s a great background on developments that have taken place and what we…

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VPhase release FREE iPhone app

VPhase released their first iPhone app today (16th March 2011). It’s completely free to download and use, and includes their unique savings calculator as well as an embedded version of their infomercial that explains in layman’s terms why voltage optimisation is so important. To get hold of the app, just…

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Japanese Tsunami video

This video really helps demonstrate the power behind the tsunami that struck Japan. [tube][/tube] Related Posts:Microsoft buys LinkedInWhale slaughter continuesThe future of ebook technologyVPhase release FREE iPhone appSony Xperia Play phone announced

Sony Xperia Play phone announced

Ok, I know I’m all grown up and shouldn’t be interested in a phone that includes its own portable playstation system, but I am… in fact, I’m very interested in it. Not only does it appear to have full smartphone capabilities, but it’s apparently housed in a reasonably svelte package…

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Amazon Kindle ebook sales higher than paperbacks

Interesting to see two bits of news in the press today about the Amazon Kindle. First there’s the report that Amazon Kindle ebook sales has outstripped traditional paperbacks in the US during the final quarter of 2010. This trend has apparently continued in to January 2011 too, with 115 ebooks…

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VPhase TV advert launches

The first VPhase TV advert launches on Christmas Eve in the ITV Granada region – which coincides with the launch of a national framework agreement with Eaga Heating Services Ltd. Through the deal (the press release can be read HERE), customers can buy a VPhase unit through Eaga – and…

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The Times Paywall

I read with interest this article on the Times Paywall (HERE) and found it fascinating how the media world is waiting to see the outcome of this move. I’m not convinced about the capability of forcing a mass media subscription model on the public, when we reside in such an…

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News sites

Unlike The Times that has recently moved behind its paywall ( there are still some excellent resources available online for free news. The Guardian is one of the best available ( and also offers the ability to interact through posting comments on some of its stories. I’ve been actively involved…

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