Social Media

Microsoft buys LinkedIn

So Microsoft have gone and made an all-cash, $26.2 billion offer for LinkedIn and I can certainly see the logic. After acquiring Yammer not so long ago, they’ve now neatly secured the enterprise social media market – through owning two of the largest players – and have the opportunity to…

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Why I like Flipboard

Flipboard has been around for a while now and was arguably one of the ‘killer apps’ of the first iPads. It has certainly stood the test of time too and has evolved over the years. More recently, there’s been further development which has seen new features added, improving the overall…

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Online marketing planning case study

My blog so far has been a place for me to share things that I find interesting as well as helpful tips and information that I’ll often refer back to myself. It’s almost like having a personal set of bookmarks that are accessible everywhere I go without having to use…

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Social media tracking tools

It’s often useful to find out what’s being said about particular topics or news stories – and fortunately, there are a range of tools to help take some of the grunt work out of this labour intensive task. So, rather than having to visit each individual site, forum or blog…

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Customised LinkedIn buttons

I’m on the business networking web site, LinkedIn ( If you want to include customised buttons linking to your LinkedIn profile (like the one below), then just follow these simple steps. (this button actually links to my personal LinkedIn profile) Related Posts:Microsoft buys LinkedInOnline marketing planning case studyLinkedIn Super GuideSocial…

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Social Media Revolution 2

I came across this animation style infomercial the other day and found it fascinating, so I thought I’d share it on here! Related Posts:Social media statisticsMicrosoft buys LinkedInWhy I like FlipboardAstronomy size comparisonVery funny rap video about tea

LinkedIn Super Guide

I’ve been researching LinkedIn as part of another project and came across this great resource billed as a LinkedIn Super Guide that includes Tutorials, Tips & Advice, and Tools links to different web sites and blogs. It’s definitely worth checking out:  HERE (published 12th May 2009). Related Posts:Microsoft buys LinkedInCustomised…

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Social media statistics

There are all sorts of facts and figures flying around concerning social media and, on the surface of it, the numbers are quite significant: Facebook Over 18m active Facebook users in the UK 50% of users return to the site on a daily basis  The average user visits twice a…

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What is Social Media?

The phrase ‘social media’ is a broad concept, incorporating many different formats; including tools and services such as: social networking sites, blogs and micro-blogs, podcasts, professional networking sites, and online video. Collectively, they’re often referred to as Web 2.0 technologies. This phrase “Web 2.0” is closely associated with Tim O’Reilly,…

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